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Executive Protection organization for Professional Bodyguard or Close Protection Agents all over the world with personal security of individuals, senior executives, dignitaries and members of government


ICPN Non-governmental agency grant certifications to individuals who meet predetermined qualifications.


These qualifications are generally set by professional associations


Every Professional Bodyguard or Close Protection requires a set of general and specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully ICPN qualification certificate.


ICPN qualification certificate is one way of demonstrating your mastery of working of expertise and demonstrates that you made an investment in yourself, your career, and your future

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International V.I.P Bodyguard Membership


for Professional Bodyguard and Close Protection Agents operating Worldwide.

Gain instant access to and become a part of a network of more than 9,000 professionals from over 121 bodyguard and Close Protection instructors around the world.

Enjoy discounted rates to attend Close Protection Training,Conferences and purchase IVIPB products.


familiarize yourself with future employers, and their work


Two types of individual membership packages are available – Full Membership and General Membership.


Free membership package are available For men and women who have completed a bodyguard, executive protection or close protection training by International V.I.P Bodyguard in all over the world.


Discounted membership:  Discount is available for full-time academics, judges, government, retired police and military officers.

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The International Association of Close Protection Officers


The IACPO was started in 2005 with a vision of gathering professional CPO’s under one big organization, giving members that have been in the business outstanding support and advising any newcomers on how to get the proper education and the right protocols and ethics.


Regardless of training or experience, Country of origin or Operation, the IACPO welcomes anybody involved in CPO work. As future IACPO Member you have to comply with the IACPO Standards, Code of Ethics and Code of Conducts. One of the standards is that you must be able to submit a valid and recent certificate of good conduct.


From 2005 to now the IACPO has grown to list more than 500 members that range from fully operational to basic CPO’s that is just starting in the business, through our forum, our members is able to build a network that extends around the globe, giving them the extra edge when planning and preparing to go with their clients to new areas of operation, getting local knowledge where needed, and getting tips on available CPO jobs in their own or other areas.


We have members in our midst who have earned their (special) credentials in the field of close protection. We are proud that they joined our association and that we could benefit from them.


You could benefit from them and us by joining our global network of professionals now!


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