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Law Enforcement Training Unit

Counter-terrorism training

Law Enforcement Training

Security Guard & K9 Unit

ivipb gun Counter-terrorism k9 Law Enforcement Training

IVIPB Professional Law Enforcement Training offers a wide range of courses to correspond with the various types of assignments police officers work.

Each training class has been strategically designed to provide the most up to date information.  Instructors will be presented with methods and techniques to deal with police work that is happening in 2018 and forward.


Training is focused on saving officers' lives, refining investigative skills, and successfully prosecuting criminals to ensure convictions. includes instruction in emergency vehicle operation, building searches, defensive tactics, handgun and shotgun training, shooting decisions, first aid training, interview, and interrogation techniques, accident investigation, physical arrest, and handcuffing.


IVIPB program of instruction is constantly upgraded and modified to meet the collective training needs of those organizations and governmental organization for training. Suggestions for improvement and/or modifications are considered by the governmental and discussed with us.  When a general consensus is reached regarding a change to the program, it is implemented.


Our IVIPB staff consists of current and retired Police & Military Instructors.



We are certified internationally for Law Enforcement Training Facility.

We regularly attend sustainment and enhancement training at outside facilities to keep our individual skills and lesson plans current and relevant.


For agencies, we can register them with the government which will be supplied upon request


For individual officers, we accept the agency training application after contact us.


For private security-related companies, we can provide firearms and ammunition to enhance your officers' skill sets without removing your firearms from the job.


We specialize in customized training to meet your goals.


We currently have contracts with military, civilian agencies and private security companies.


Contact us for more detail and for quotes.



Firearms Training